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Khaotic Kon at Shadocon

That's right! Khaotic Kon is happy to announce our involvement in this years Shadocon by bringing you fun events, unique panels, surprise guest and much more! Be sure to check out these these following events before this brief and exciting weekend passes you by!

Parade of Nations Visits Shadocon! - Saturday  5:00pm - Dealers Room

A very Khaotic Toy Drive

Come join us in the second ever Parade of Nations! Come as a group or as yourself, bring a flag and your favorite costume, and meet other amazing members of the anime community as we parade throughout the con. We will be meeting in front of the dealer’s room at 5 pm, and will parade directly from there. As special guests, we'll be having the PikaBug and GhostBusters ecto 1 joining us.

Khaotic Kon Panel - Saturday 7:00pm - Doublewide Panel Room

Khaotic Kon promises to bring you a lot of what you’ve loved and looked forward to in a convention with it’s own Khaotic twist!

Join Khaotic Kon as we dive into the wild world of Werewolf! This fun and simple to learn card game will guarantee hours of fun long after the con is over! We'll be playing this game live as soon as the rules are explained! Hope to see you there!

So join the fun and maybe you too can become a Khaotic Knight! Hope to see you there! And Remember Khaotic Kon is taking place April 13-15, 2012.


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