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A Khaotic New Year Surprise!

Important New Years Information:

As the new year arrives in the next upcoming days so does the promise of new and exciting events at Khaotic Kon "Your Nation!" Many of you know very well by now that 2012 will be remembered as a very Khaotic Year as we will be hosting our very first convention! As an added surprise to those who will be attending Khaotic Kon 2012, we will be releasing a new event, a contest, and interactive event information on new years day! That's right, at the stroke of midnight on new year's, the Khaotic Kon home page will be buzzing with new information that will leaving you wishing you'd be able to skip a few months ahead!

So stay tuned and check back frequently after midnight on New Years!

See ya there!

Henry Hutchinson
CEO Khaotic Kon, LLC.


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