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A Very Khaotic Toy Drive

Very K toy

 A Very Khaotic Toy Drive

Event info:

The Holidays are a time to recollect on times shared with family and friends. A time to get in touch with forgotten peers or rebuild torn bridges with someone you might have been too stubborn to approach earlier in the year. But most importantly, it’s a time to look to those less fortunate and strive to brighten their day.

A Very Khaotic Toy Drive returning for it's second year in a row, is a charity event driven to putting a smile on the faces of injured, bedridden, or sick children by putting a toy in that
Childs hand. But for that, we are looking to you, comrades. This is your Khaotic Nation and it needs you! All donations will be used to
purchase toys to be handed out at the St. Joseph's Hospital by the great men and women of the Costumers With a Cause organization and Team Khaotic for children located in central Florida.

How to Help?

Khaotic Kon will be taking donations via our snazzy new donate now button (located on our sidebar) and making sure your help gets to the right people. No amount is too small when donating; so, please feel free to donate any amount.

Raising Stars of Khaos!

Those able to donated above and beyond the normal means will be glorified on a page titled the “Raising Stars of Khaos”. The page will be split into 3 tiers (Sliver, Gold, and Khaotic Red).

  • Donations of $50 will be designated into the Sliver category, where we will be placing their Star name forever.

  • Donations of $100 will be placed in our Gold category where we will be placing their actual name, star name, and short message forever.

  • Donations of $150 or more will placed in our most prestigious category! These few will be given the chance to place a 300x300px photo, choose a star name, place their real name, get to write out a short personal message, and most exciting of all, get a chance at winning a VIP ticket for next years Khaotic Kon.  

Where are my donations going?

All donations will be gathered and used to purchase toys of all kinds. We will then personally deliver to them to the St. Joseph Children's Hospital located in Central Tampa. Photos will be taken and a very Khaotic Santa will be arriving just in time to spread the Khaos along with our
heroes at Costumers With a Cause.

Wanna do more?

The Very Khaotic Toy Drive is also looking for a few dedicated volunteers to help hand out toys in holiday themed cosplay to help hand out toys.

  • Costumes must be strictly PG and easy to move in.

  • Persons interested must be willing to wear cosplays for an extended period of time.     

  • Persons must be willing to sign a release form prior to event.  

  • All persons interested must submit an E-mail to by December 15th.

“Together we can change the world; but for now let just change the future.”

~Henry Hutchinson – Khaotic Kon, LLC. CEO 


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