Voice actor Christopher Sabat
 Khaotic Kon would like to welcome Voice actor Christopher Sabat to our guest line-up. Known for his roles as: Piccolo, Vegeta, Alex Louis Armstrong, Kikuchiyo, Kuwabara, Cross Marian, and Roronoa Zoro.

Pre-Registration Open!
 Pre-Registration for Khaotic kon 2012 is now open to the public! Be sure to purchase your tickets now at our discounted prices as our price will increase as we draw nearer to your Khaotic convention.

Our VIP tickets with their outrageous number of bonuses are limited to only 100 pre-registration for our first year . Adding to that point our limited edition life time passes will guarantee you entry into Khaotic Conventions for the rest of your life with extra added bonuses not available to even VIP guest.

Limited Edition Lifetime passes are only available till May 15 2011 and are on sale now! Make sure to take advantage before time runs out on this amazing deal.

more info : http://www.khaotickon.com/control.cfm?ID=39

Khaotic Combat Musical
 Cue music…Lights….Combat?

Khaotic Kon is proud to bring you a new kind of stage show that promises to deliver the rush and excitement you all love in a combat show, mixed with the beauty and catchy tunes associated with some of your favorite musicals . The Khaotic Combat Musical is set to be one of our biggest events as we cast real singers for our singing roles and combatants to reall liven things up. We will be holding auditions a few months out from our event so be sure to tryout if interested.

More info : http://www.khaotickon.com/control.cfm?ID=164

Guests Released - Round One
 That’s right, our guest lineup is underway with no chance of stopping! Allow us to introduce our first amazing set of guests.

From the brilliant Voices and comedic styles that bring you the Dragon ball Z abridge series, from Team Four Star: KaiserNeko, Takahata101, and Lanipator!

Another guest we are proud to announce has been part of the anime community for over a decade. She is also the mind behind this year’s AMV Contest, Ashley Clark aka Anna may Belle.

“The Crazy Random happenstance” will have you wanting more as their great performances and real time reenactments leave you loving every minute. This fine group of people local to the Florida area come together to perform the Dr. Horrible Picture show. Fair warning though, if the movie doesn’t have you laughing the audience participation will.

Finally we’d like to extend a warm welcome to the Hero Alliance. A non-profit organization that proves heroes can exist in our world and that everyone can make a difference.

As our first round of guests pass, the second lineup draws closer. Stay tuned in for more updates!

More info: http://www.khaotickon.com/control.cfm?ID=99

Hetalia Nations Announced for Khaotic Kon!
 We are pleased to announce the first of many events to come - Hetalia Nations!

Come see the Hetalia characters as you've never seen them before, as they come to represent their own nations at this newest of nations, Khaotic Kon. Eat pasta with Italy, agonize over battle plans with Germany, and every now and again you might even see Canada - though he's hard to find. Characters are posted on the website already, and audition dates, times, and locations are to be announced so be sure to check back often!

Visit for more info:  http://www.khaotickon.com/control.cfm?ID=120

Khaotic Kon Website Premiere: Phase 1 Complete
And So it begins..

After much anticipation and years of cultivating we are proud to present Khaotic Kon, Tampa bay's premiere Anime, Video game, And Sci-Fi convention coming early April of 2012 to the Westshore Double Tree Hotel located half a mile from the beautiful Westshore Shopping Plaza. The Future Looks bright as we follow in the footsteps of our sister conventions by bringing you breathe taking shows and live performances as well as many other treats yet to be seen within our community.

What treats you ask? Check back every month for several updates and perhaps even a little bit more!


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