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khaotic_kon's Journal

Khaotic Kon
13 April
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Greetings and Salutations Comrades,

Glad you could make it out to check out what we’ve got to bring to the table this exciting year, But before I get too far ahead of ourselves, allow me to introduce ourselves. You see… We’re the new convention in Tampa and we’re looking for fans from every plane of reality to join us in an effort to become our own Nation!

By now you’re probably wondering what sets our convention apart from some of our larger competitors? Well one thing for instance is that we don’t see others as competitors but rather a member of our own team. I mean we’re all here for the same reasons, right?

Which brings me to my next point, It’s all about the fandom and living it up while we still can! It’s about the awesome feeling you get when someone recognizes you from across the room as their favorite anime character, or powning noobs during one of the many game tournaments, and for others it might be getting together and watching Dr.Who while chowing on homemade butterbeer taking every few seconds to mimic a dalek. We want to keep that love of the fandom alive and well with all our attendees and together as a nation we can.

Join us and become a Khaotic Knight: April 2012
Where the world ends, Khaotic begins!

Henry Hutchinson
Khaotic Kon, LLC.